Ever wondered whether you could do more to make your clients happy and secure their repeat business? Of course you have. But have you ever thought about doing less? Sometimes companies engage in behaviours that are unwittingly infuriating to clients – meaning that they very quickly start losing business and often struggle to understand why.

What to look for in a CV and Cover Letter

Posted on Tue 12th Sep 2017 at 08:21

In a previous blog I shared my view that automated CV-scanning systems aren’t fair to the candidates who apply for your jobs. (If you missed that post, check it out here: link) Now that summer is over and there are lots of fresh graduates in the job market, not to mention existing employees contemplating a pre-Christmas change, I thought it would be helpful to set out what I do look for when I’m manually scanning CVs and Cover Letters. I must have read thousands by now so hopefully you’ll benefit from my experience!

One of Signature’s International divisions, Signature Global doo, was delighted to attend the Sixth Lady Fair event which was held last weekend at the shopping center "Usce" in Serbia.

Dee lands in Serbia and checks out local stockists

Posted on Tue 15th Aug 2017 at 09:47

Founder and CEO of Signature Global, Dee Bhatia has just landed in Serbia to meet his team and to undertake some store visits to see some of the products the company imports on display.

I’m a big fan of technology – especially when it comes wrapped in shiny, superfast cars! - but I recently had an interesting experience which proves that it’s not always the best solution to a problem. Like many companies, Signature has been repeatedly contacted by software providers who are selling Applicant Tracking Systems. If you’ve not heard of these, they are programmes which manage the recruitment process by sifting CVs, providing an easy-to-understand workflow for applications and keeping all the data in one place. Sounds perfect, right?

New Look Wine Websites Go Live

Posted on Mon 19th Jun 2017 at 14:12

We are delighted to announce our new Signature Wines wholesale website has now gone live, which is supported by the consumer Stobi website which also benefits from a fresh new look.

Could You be more Fexible?

Posted on Thu 11th May 2017 at 08:22

Don’t worry, this isn’t a post about the delights of yoga – although I am writing this in the lotus position. (Just kidding!) What I actually want to talk about is flexible working.

Signature's Ferrari's feature in new promo film...

Posted on Thu 13th Apr 2017 at 14:42

Take a look at this promotion film for Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire which features our glossy red Ferrari 458 supercar and our stunning white Ferrari 458 Italia.

Encouraging Innovation in Your Business

Posted on Fri 3rd Mar 2017 at 10:34

We today’s changing times innovation is often the key to maintaining and growing your business. Although it's true that innovation isn't enough on its own, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it is nonetheless important - just look at Tiffany's, Nikon and Avon, three huge global companies that started out selling entirely different products to the ones they're now famous for. (Stationery, paper and books, in case you're interested).

Introducing Signature Travel

Posted on Tue 10th Jan 2017 at 10:18

Signature Travel Group can cater for each individual traveller’s needs specialising in organising group travel arrangements for overseas visitors, including making hotel reservations and all your transportation needs.

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