It’s not them, it’s you – 5 ways you could be making clients unhappy

Posted on Tue 21st Nov 2017 at 12:26

Ever wondered whether you could do more to make your clients happy and secure their repeat business? Of course you have. But have you ever thought about doing less? Sometimes companies engage in behaviours that are unwittingly infuriating to clients – meaning that they very quickly start losing business and often struggle to understand why.

To help you do less and earn more I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things to avoid if you want to keep clients happy.

  1. Thinking you know what’s best

Yes, you’re the expert, but as soon as you stop listening to the client all of that means nothing. Whatever your service, it must be tailored to the client’s specific needs – not what you think they need, otherwise they’ll quickly feel ignored and go elsewhere.

  1. Assuming they read every email

People are busy. Even if they’re relying on you for a vital service, they might not have time to check their email. They might not even like receiving important communications via email (something that it can be difficult for millennial colleagues to believe!). Find out your client’s schedule and preferences, then work your communications around them.  

  1. Giving them too many options

Ever stared hopelessly at a large restaurant menu with no idea what to order? Humans are badly programmed to handle large numbers of options, and your clients will thank you if you do your research and narrow down the choices to ones that really suit them. Giving unbiased recommendations is also a surefire way to gain clients’ trust.  

  1. Overpromising

It doesn’t matter what you promise – it could be the world’s best solution to their problem or just that you’ll send your invoice on Thursday. If you raise expectations and don’t meet them, people will be unhappy and they will remember it.

  1. Speaking in industry jargon

You know your business inside out. Your client doesn’t. Nor, probably, do they care. If you start speaking in acronyms or industry language – and I’ve seen everyone from lawyers and accountants to IT companies and even online retailers do this – then you’ll lose their interest, make them confused and ultimately less happy with your service. Use clear, easy to understand language rather than jargon and don’t be afraid to over-communicate and send step-by-step instructions. You have no chance of making your client happy if they can’t even understand what you’re talking about!

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